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The Samoa Research Organisation of Samoa (S.R.O.S.) has launched a medicinal garden devoted to discovering the science behind traditional medicine. Launched on Friday, the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Lopao'o Natanielu Mu'a credited the S.R.O.S. management and staff for putting together an integral part in discovering the science behind traditional knowledge.The Minister said the curative properties of the plants were widely believed but had not received proper testing and documentation. “Our traditional treatments have not been given a high regard by anybody, especially the international community, the medical community, but what we are doing now with S.R.O.S. is attaching the science to the healers," he said. “If they say this particular plant is going to cure [skin condition] then what Seuseu and team will do is look at it and do research and see whether or not it works. If it does work, then they will make sure they document it properly and establish for them to move forward."

By: Asenati Taugasolo Semu
Savali Newspaper
Edited by: SROS IT Team

Three taro farmers in Upolu are praising the Government’s initiative to take the agricultural food processing to the next level through the establishment of the Nafanua Pure Processing Plant, under the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoas’ (SROS).
A taro farmer from Fasitoo-uta Siaosi Pita welcomes the initiative as a sustainable market during pandemics like the COVID-19 which he says is taking a toll on his income selling power.