International Collaborations

The Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa has established international collaborations with scientists of international standing at prestigious research organizations to build scientific research capabilities in science disciplines of SROS research mandate. 

SROS has also established links with reputable scientific companies that supply scientific research equipment and provide training for the staff to build on their experience in conducting scientific research. All these will enhance international recognition of a newly established SROS.

Victoria University of Wellington (VUW)
SROS signed a Memorandum of Agreement with VUW in August 2013 which involves the provision by VUW of one scholarship award (Master's or PhD level) for SROS staff annually, and joint research programmes of common interests and mutual benefits to both Parties. The Memorandum of Agreement has a life of five years, and may be extended for further terms of five years on the agreement of both Parties

University of Newcastle (Australia)
Professor Ron B. Wills
Honorary Research Fellow (RDIS) and
Consultant to Project: “Post-harvest treatments in export of fresh breadfruit and papaya by sea”. 
Sponsor: FAO

University of New South Wales
Professor Peter Rogers
Adviser to Project: “Biomass utilization in Bio-Fuels production”

Diversity Arrays Technology P/L (Australia)
Dr Andre Kilian
Co-researcher on Project: “On genotyping services to improve post-harvest storage life and eating quality attributes of fresh produce”

Shimadzu Scientific P/L (Australia)
Chris Bouwer, Rod Cooper and Ray Smith
“Training on instrumental analysis, advantages and limitations”

Bernie Davies
Christchurch (NZ) 
Provider and advisor on Analytical equipments

Global Science and Technology Limited
Leon Joubert 
Auckland (NZ)
Analytical Chemist & Equipment Expert.