Plant and Postharvest Technologies (PPT)

The Plants and Postharvest Technologies Division carries out research on plant resources with commercial, medicinal and export potentials. Currently, our plant technologies research activities include our Medicinal Plants Project involving investigations into the ability of Samoan medicinal plants to inhibit or kill microorganisms that cause disease and reduce the activity of enzymes that lead to disease. Additionally, we are investigating elite Samoan cocoa varieties for mass propagation based on genetic make-up, plant features and cocoa sensory profiles. On the postharvest technologies front, PPTD is investigating optimal shipping conditions for fresh breadfruit export, as well as investigating conditions for fresh taro export to Australia.

Ultimately, PPTD research aims to:

  • minimize agricultural postharvest losses,
  • open access to overseas agricultural markets,

  • ensure food security and food safety through improved postharvest handling
  • enhance niche market opportunities through aligning crop genetic resources and postharvest handling with market opportunities as well as

  • advance Samoa’s science through the investigation of Samoan natural products with pharmaceutical and cosmetic potential