Food Science and Technology (FST)

Food is a bio-fuel - essential to life and leading to each country raising their own concern on food security for the future.  A lot of changes globally on climate change due to man made issues; raising concerns on food security was one reason why this newly established division was formed.

Food processing is one technology that adds value to food production in Samoa as it fully utilizes the food resources available. Food processing based researches implemented at the Organisation are as follows: 

 • New product development into;
      – Plant food products,
      – Fish and fishery products,
      – Meat and meat products,
      – Eggs and eggs products, and
      – Milk and dairy products.
• Production process optimization.
• Food Packaging.
• Food Preservation.
• Quality Management and Food Legislation.
• Shelf life testing.
• Post-harvest Handling of Horticultural Crops.