Board of Directors

Under the amended Composition of the Boards of Public Bodies Act amended dated 16 March 2012; the Board shall be comprised of seven (7) directors who shall be selected in accordance with applicable law relating to the management of public bodies;

  • Cabinet shall appoint one of the directors to be Chairperson and may appoint a Deputy Chairperson;
  • No person may be appointed or continue to hold office as a director, while that person is a full time salaried officer of the Organisation;
  • the directors of the Organisation shall be appointed by the Head of State, acting on the advice of Cabinet and may be removed from office by Cabinet;
  • Unless the Board decides otherwise, the Chief Executive Officer must attend all Board meetings but shall have no voting rights.

As stipulated in the amended SROS Act 2008, the Board of Directors performs the following functions; Ensure the proper and efficient performance of the functions of the Organisation;

  • Give directions relating to the administration of the SROS Act to the Chief Executive Officer and;
  • Such other functions as are conferred on it by the SROS Act.
  • Determine the policy of the Organisation with respect to any matter;
  • SROS’s newly appointed Board of Directors 2018 are as follows;