About SROS

The inception of SROS in 2006 was based on the realization that adding value to the development of primary produce for export will overcome some of the trade challenges being experienced and contribute towards increased economic benefits. Additionally, reducing Samoa’s dependence on imported fossil fuel through local research into alternative renewable & sustainable bio-fuels is aimed to benefit Samoa’s economy greatly in terms of foreign exchange savings and address climate change associated threats to Samoa’s environment. 

Thus, it is in these two areas where SROS seeks to achieve its mandate to promote the national economy through scientific research and development. It must be pointed out that this rationale is in line with the Government’s Strategy for the Development of Samoa (2012-2016), in which revitalizing the agriculture and manufacturing sectors to achieve their objectives to produce value added goods and services is considered a key to overall growth of the economy. 

The highlights from our short history include: 

1. International certification of technical services through International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) that provide industry and public stakeholders local access to accredited tests. Accredited testing is needed to answer increasing demands to meet quality standards and obtain product specifications required for accessing overseas markets. 

2. The installation and operation of a pilot plant for the production of biodiesel, which has been used to fuel the SROS fleet of motor vehicles for the past three years. This activity has now started fueling vehicle fleets of other agencies. 

3. The development of a procedure to produce flour from breadfruit and cassava that is abundantly available in Samoa. This gluten-free flour has a large potential to substitute for flour imported into Samoa and supply the growing international market for healthy foods. 

4. The installation and operation of an industrial processing line for producing and bottling avocado oil in 2012. This has led to the sale of a promotional prototype at local supermarkets to raise public awareness of Samoa’s first locally manufactured avocado oil and provide the local Samoan community the first opportunity to enjoy the prototype product. 


To develop Samoa through science, technology, and innovation



To drive, promote and improve the development of Samoa through research in the relevant economic sectors